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The Green Flash is an phenomenon seen at sunset and sunrise, when the top edge of the sun suddenly change color, turn from yellow or orange to green or rarely blue. I've seen the Green Flash for the first time several years ago, during a summer trip around the Lofoten and Vesteralen islands at the north of Norway. I visually caught the flash while I was shooting some photograph exposures of the midnight sun. I observed a green flash for two or three seconds, it was memorable and wonderful moment, but unfortunately I did'nt register the flash on the film. After that moment every sunset reminds me of that emotion. 

All the pictures in this page was taken from Roques de los Muchachos, the top of "Caldera de Taburiente" volcanic area   "La Palma"  (Canary Island - Spain) altitude 2400 meters.

Thanks to Andrew T. Young and his excellent site A Green Flash Page 


Green Flash

Green Flash Sequence

" Omega " Sun

Mock-Mirage Flash

Red Flash

Small Green Flash

Mock-Mirage Flash

Green Flash Sequence

Blue-Green Flash

Blue Flash

Blue Flash "Enlargement"

Small Mock-Mirage

Solar Distortion

Yellow Flash

Green Flash Without Sun

Green Flash Sequence

Mock-Mirage Flash

Last Flash

Colorful Sunset

Clouds from Roques


Los Muchachos


Caldera de Taburiente



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