Astrophotography by Mario Cogo

 The Green Flash


The Green Flash at the sunset with the sun just above the clouds. When the sun is close to the distant horizon and the sky is clear a Green Flash above the sun can sometimes be seen for few seconds. 


- Date / Location : 25/05/2001 from Roques de los Muchachos "La Palma" (Canary Island - Spain)
- Optics / Lens : Astro-Physics Traveler 105mm EDFS + Big Barlow 2X TeleVue (1220mm focal length) - Nikon FM2
- Mount / Guide : Astro-Physics GE-600E GTO
- Exposure / Film : 1/2000sec. on Fuji Provia 100 Film
- Processing : Film scanned at 2700 dpi with Nikon CoolScan LS30 scanner, PhotoShop UM 75-2-2
- Note : No filter used  


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