Astrophotography by Mario Cogo

Mercury crosses a cloudy Sun...


07 May 2003, the planet Mercury transit in front of the Sun. This photo show the entire solar disk with a large prominence in the low part ot the picture. The small black dot in the upper left (about 1/160 of the Sun's diameter) is the planet Mercury.  


Date : 07/05/2003,  from  (Fossona di Cervarese) Padova - ITALY
Optics : Astro-Physics 155 f7 refractor
Mount : Astro-Physics GE-1200
Exposure : Prominence : single exposure 1/8 sec.  Nikon D100  "Raw digital format"
Solar disk : single exposure 1/180 sec. Nikon D100  "Raw digital format"
Processing : Minor brightness/contrast enhancement for solar disk, USM 100-3-2 for prominence - PS 6.0 -
Filter : Daystar University H-Alpha filter 0.5 - 130mm energy rejection filter
Photographers : Mario Cogo - Giampaolo Salvato
Note : Poor seeing, partly cloudy during the H-Alpha photographic session


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