Astrophotography by Mario Cogo

B33 - The Horsehead Nebula 


This is one of the richest and often photographed field of the entire sky. Barnard 33, the Horsehead Nebula is a small dark nebula which is seen in silhouette against the large area of red emission nebulosity IC 434. Next to the Alnitak, Zeta Orionis the brightest star in this picture, lies the emission nebulosity called the Flame Nebula NGC 2024. To the lower left of the Horsehead is the blue reflection nebula NGC 2023. There are several faint reflection nebulae in Orion like IC 431, IC 432 and IC 435 visible in this image.


Date : 18/10/2001 from Roques de los Muchachos 2400mt. "La Palma" (Canary Island - Spain)
26/10/2003 from Cima Larici Asiago 1600mt.  (Vicenza - Italy)
Optics : Astro-Physics Traveler 105mm f/6 EDFS  with AP Field Flattener - Nikon F3 Camera
Mount : Astro-Physics GE-600E GTO autoguided by SBIG ST4
Exposure : Composite of two 30-minute on Kodak PJ400 Film and two 60-minute on Fuji F400 Provia Film
Processing : Film scanned at 2700 dpi with Nikon CoolScan LS30 scanner, enhanced with Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Note : Dry climate and windy.


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