Astrophotography by Mario Cogo

Antares Region


Antares the Alpha Scorpii is the red-giant star in the lower part of the image and it is sorrounded by an yellow reflection nebula. The globular cluster M4 is to the right with the emission nebula Sh2-9 around the blue Sigma Scorpii star just to the north . Close to the center of the picture the small globular cluster NGC 6144. The blue reflection nebula to the north of Antares is IC 4605, reflecting the light from the 22 Scorpii star.


- Date / Location : 28/05/2000 from Roques de los Muchachos "La Palma" (Canary Island - Spain)
- Optics / Lens : Astro-Physics Traveler 105mm f/6 EDFS  with AP Field Flattener - Nikon F3 
- Mount / Guide : Losmandy GM8 autoguided by SBIG ST4
- Exposure / Film : Mosaic composite of four 25-minute exposure on un-hypered Kodak PJ400 Film
- Processing : Film scanned at 2700 dpi with Nikon CoolScan LS30 scanner, enhanced with Adobe Photoshop 6.0
- Note : Scandalous windy, poor guide and slightly star trails, the autoguider lost the guidestar and beeped 
several time, to much wind for GM8 mount. During the last two exposures cirrus clouds covered
partially the sky and halos around Antares and Sigma Scorpii is the result. 


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